Knight, believe in religion.
Knight, have a humble mind.
Knight, show a romantic manner.
Knight, are superior to others.
Modern men seek for passion, enjoy free life and show themselves eagerly.
Set “levity, freedom” as brand core content, DobieKeyese focus on molding the real men style of subtlety, compact and modern fashion.
With levity and challenging brand attitude, our brand products combine unique wisdom style and excellent quality perfectly. Knight on speed-up chariot have tough pursuit, which greatly match up with our brand levity style. Our unique series are promoted among energetic young men because of its characteristic brand position.
Knight is the symbol of brave and loyal. To regard CHILVARY as principle, every Knight is hero. Legend CHILVARY series products convey brave and loyal brand spirit through classic, elegant, delicate Knight Elements. The time in middle Ages can stimulate men’s power.
Fashion is an everlasting topic. Grasp the pulse of fashion, taste your own style -- levity, freedom..
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